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It's been a while...

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since I last posted.  I have been going through a lot of ups & downs in my personal & professional life leaving me little time to keep things up-to-date.  However, I'm back!!!


  • I have left my part-time job as an IT Tutor, accepting voluntary redundancy and swapping it for an evening administrator job thus freeing up my weekdays so I can focus on promoting the business.
  • I have decided to split my website into two different ones; one for the therapy side of the business whilst the other focuses on the training and workshops side.
  • I am continuing to operate from Room 101 in New Inn, both as a therapy room and training establishment with a view to hopefully expanding the business in the not too distant future


A lot has been going on with various family members which has had an impact on me some things good, others not so good.  The one thing that is on the horizon though is the birth of my first grandchild!!  I am quietly hoping that he (well, 99% certain it is a he) will decide to come into the world on my birthday, which is only a few days before his due date.  But you know babies, they will come when they are good and ready.

I haven't completely abandoned Dreamstone Holistics during the past few months in fact I have been quite busy:

  • attending various events with my Travelling Crystals Stall or doing taster treatments
  • completing my ITEC Aromatherapy course
  • renewing my First Aid certificate
  • attending the two day FHT  Congress in Nottingham
  • delivering one-day workshops at Love & Light in Chepstow
  • becoming a Dementia Friends Champion

I am looking forward to Autumn 2014 with lots of new ideas and hopefully time to devote to Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training!!