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Type: Beryl
System: Hexagonal
Mohs Scale: 7.5
Associations: Moon

I'm always drawn to stones of this colour, aquamarine, larimar, hemimorphite etc. I feel it's because they are all helpful with Throat Chakra issues, and speaking as someone who has an underactive thyroid, it seems quite appropriate that such stones would 'call to me'. I find aquamarine soothing and cooling; it calms me when I'm feeling anxious.

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Type: Baryte
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Mohs Scale: 3 - 3.5
Composition: SrSO4

I am really drawn to celestite. To me its energy feels feminine, soft & gentle, almost caressing with a hint of coolness about it. Gossamer drifting across my body. I find it a very calming stone especially during times of stress. Just holding a piece in my hand can bring my worries into perspective and allay my fears.

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Type: Silicate
Crystal System: Trigonal
Mohs Scale: 7
Composition: SiO2

I have been really drawn to this stone a lot lately. This particular piece (above) has a natural point & I find it useful in healing sessions for Brow (Third Eye) Chakra clearing. I have another piece of tumbled chevron amethyst which I knew when I bought it was to be used with Reiki. It is a combination of amethyst banded with white quartz so combines the attributes of amethyst & quartz.

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Type: Feldspar
Crystal System: Triclinic
Mohs Scale: 6
Composition: (Na,Ca)AlSi3O8

The stone in this picture is one of the first I ever bought and it is my 'buddy'. It generally lives on a shelf near my bed. I have meditated with it and met the crystal deva within. It was a very interesting experience! To me this stone has a very masculine, protective energy; it makes me feel safe. In general I feel labradorite symbolises the hidden beauty within which is revealed when a light is shone upon it as a piece of this stone can look fairly uninteresting until the light catches it and illuminates the peacock greens & blues, golds and shimmering pinks. Its beauty is breathtaking!

Below is a video of some of the crystals in my quartz collection.

Background music is Deep Beneath the Dreaming - Christopher Lloyd Clarke (Enlightened Audio)