What You Need to Know:

• Should attendees not wish to participate in the planned activities there may be opportunities, depending on therapists’ availability, for additional treatment sessions but these may incur an extra cost

• There may also be available books & magazines for attendees to borrow during their stay for use during any available free time

• There may be associated products on sale e.g. tuning forks, yoga equipment etc.

• If you have your own drum please bring it with you. There will be a limited number of spare drums for those who have not brought their own should you choose to participate in the drumming session.

• If you are planning on exploring the surrounding area please ensure you bring appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.

• With regards to dress code - there is none! Casual clothing is the order of the day and if you are doing yoga be sure your attire is loose and comfortable.

• Mobile phone reception is very poor  in the area, however the Lodge provides free WiFi.

• The Conference and breakout room are on the first floor with stair access only.

• Bedrooms are on the ground floor and first floor (please advise us if you require a groundfloor room)

• The venue provides 1 bath towel & 1 hand towel per person but you are advised to bring your own toiletries such as soap for hand-washing

• Lunch is provided in the form of a ‘packed lunch’ which you will prepare during the breakfast session. Sandwich bags, cling film etc. are provided but if you prefer you can bring your own lunchbox.

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