Tuning Fork Sound Healing


Generally tuning forks can be used during other treatments as an additional source of vibrational energy (e.g. reiki, reflexology, Indian Head massage), even if only for initial relaxation or grounding during the treatment.

A tuning fork session, however, involves the recipient lying fully-clothed on a couch, although it can be done with the recipient sitting in a chair or lying on the floor. The therapist will possibly use a pendulum to dowse what tuning fork or set of tuning forks are required for the recipient.

Whatever tuning fork or set the therapist uses, one of the main aims of the session is to allow the recipient to feel relaxed and calm.

Potential benefits of a tuning fork treatment include:

  • a deep sense of relaxation, thereby reducing stress levels
  • enhancement of other complementary therapies and treatments e.g. reiki, massage
  • quick & effective balancing of the energy system
  • an effective aid to spiritual & personal development

 If you have never had a tuning fork treatment before then why not book a taster session for £10!  Contact me for details.