"I have received Reiki , crystal therapy and Indian head massage from Helen Meyrick. The treatments had a holistic effect in terms of meeting my emotional and physical needs, allowing me to remain focused and balanced in my day to day life."

Maria, Pontypool

"The treatment was thoroughly relaxing and balancing from start to finish."

Deborah, Pontypool

"I have had a few sessions of Indian Head Massage with Helen Meyrick now and have enjoyed the therapy very much. Helen uses firm but light hand movements and these, together with some relaxing ambient music, produce a relaxing body and a peaceful state of mind. I would highly recommend the treatment and the therapist to others seeking the same calming mindset."

Ray, Cwmbran

"Recently, my curiosity about Reiki got the better of me, and several sessions later, I thought it might be useful to share my perceptions.
Helen’s treatments are administered with the client fully clothed, and are very gentle and non-invasive. Working from the head downwards energy is transferred into the client’s body and this gives rise to various sensations of heat and cold. The whole process proved to be extremely relaxing.
The effects of the treatment may well depend on the individual, and their particular ailment, but I was surprised that such a gentle treatment could produce such powerful aftereffects. In the first few hours after a treatment I become extremely tired, and for two to three days after, find myself out of sorts. A day or so later I am feeling much better. These feelings are to be expected, as part of the body’s “healing crisis”, while it rebalances itself after treatment.
Helen’s skill resides in the ability to deliver these treatments in such a relaxed, down to earth manner. No painful muscular manipulations or outlandish beliefs are required, just a willingness to accept the healing, and benefit from the goodwill that Reiki has to offer.
There can’t be many of us these days who, would pass up a chance of that."

Martyn, Pontypool

“Helen, Thanks so much for the healing drum journey you gave me, I really valued the time you took in exploring my healing focus and your sensitivity and gentle compassion and absolutely loved feeling the drum waves in my body! “

Kimberley Lovell, Reiki Master, Bournemouth www.soulutions.uk.com