Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage

Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage is the trademarked name for a therapy designed by Terri McLean. It is a gentle, deeply relaxing massage which concentrates on the neck, scalp & face to promote a sense of relaxation & wellbeing and relieve tension. The treatment's aim is to make a positive change to the recipient's energy system using specialised massage techniques. The treatment can be carried out with the application of warmed oil, however is equally effective and beneficial without the oil.

For maximum benefit and deep relaxation the recipient will remain fully clothed and lie on a couch, reclining chair or comfortably on the floor.

Potential benefits include:

  • reduced stress
  • deeply relaxing to receive
  • promotes feeling of inner peace and calm
  • relaxation increases endorphin production
  • improved scalp & hair condition
  • relaxes facial, scalp and eyes muscles
  • stimulation of circulatory & lymphatic systems